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Lullaby moisturizing formula baby wipes are infused with Snail secretion filtrate and France Celtic mineral water. The newest formula provides the kindest way to take care of your baby's delicate skin.

Lullaby baby wipes is designed for more than just cleaning babies' bottoms, but also for quick, on-the-move cleanups, outdoor, personal and household uses.

천연 달팽이 추출물 Snail secretion filtrate

  • Prevent and calm irritations at every diaper change
  • Vitamin A, C and E help to protect, enrich and soften the skin
  • Natural Antioxidant enhances the protective mechanism of skin
  • Sooths and counteracts inflammation
  • Healing, moisturizing, soothing and anti-irritating properties

부드럽고 두꺼운 직물 Soft & thick fabric

  • Cotton feeling soft touch fabric
  • Cross-embossing helps to remove bowel movement more quickly and effectively

프랑스 셀틱 물 France Celtic Mineral Water

  • Rich concentrations of minerals soften baby’s skin
  • Help soothe baby’s diaper rash
  • Helps moisturizes all skin types including sensitive skin
  • Benefits your skin by cooling and calming your irritated skin

6 단계 정제수 6 steps purified water

This process aims to guarantee the highest safety standards of water

안전한 성분 Safest ingredients

All of the ingredients are rated safest by the EWG ( The Environmental Working Group)

Alcohol free
Chlorine free
Fragrance free
Paraben free


Lullaby baby wipe 1

Package 01

Price 89.00 THB

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Lullaby baby wipe 2

Package 02

Price 178.00 THB

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Lullaby baby wipe 4

Package 03

Price 356.00 THB

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Lullaby baby wipe 6

Package 04

Price 534.00 THB

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Lullaby baby wipe 8

Package 05

Price 712.00 THB

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Lullaby baby wipe 12

Package 06

Price 1,068.00 THB

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