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About Us

Date: 04-07-2016

About Us

Vibrant Trading Co., Ltd founded in Thailand since 2015, a joint venture company with TRUSTBABY Co,. Ltd (South korea). We express our commitment in providing you with safe, realiable, and hygiene products to help you care for your families and the environment. We also strive to provide better for baby products to ensure that babies can grow healthy and strong.

회사의 사명 Company Mission

To serve the people at all ages with wet wipes in personal care and household use, capable of providing cleanness and hygiene through advanced technologies in baby and cosmetic products with affordable price.

회사의 비젼 Company Vision

To become one of the leading brand in wet wipe market and achieve a remarkable share in global market from our quality product, innovative vision and competitive price policy.

I have to thank website for the idea for for this post "101 Uses For Baby Wipes", not only was it a great article but it got me thinking about the creating a safe baby wipes not just for babies.

Along the way, we found a magical skincare ingredient in South Korea, "Natural Snail Extract" which helps baby prevent and calm skin irritation, and also protect, enrich and soften the skin of the adult and the elderly. In additional, we had found the most ideal mineral water at France, "France Celtic Water" which is from the Unesco classified as "Worldwide Bioshpere Natural Reserve" to be used in Lullaby Baby Wipes in helping soothe baby's diaper rash and moisturizing all skin type including sensitive skin.

After a lot of hard work and testing with Korean baby's profession, we are proud to present Lullaby Baby Wipes. Lullaby Baby Wipes are made from safest ingredient rated by EWG, infused with Natural Snail Extract and France Celtic Water which is not only beneficial for baby but also for adult and the elderly.

Vibrant trading Co.,Ltd
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Lullaby Thailand

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